Unlike traditional yoga, aerial training allows younger kids to play. The hardest part isn’t getting your child to exercise; it’s getting them to come down from the yoga swings! 


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Come defy gravity, Uplift the mind, body and spirit!

Gyspy in a yoga pose from www.IslandHealing.net
Gyspy in a yoga pose from www.IslandHealing.net

Zero-g basic

Zero-g Restorative

zero-g youth

Aerial Yoga incorporates three main training techniques, yoga, aerial arts and cardio. We are now taking fitness to the next level with this new & exciting yoga practice. 

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Aerial YOGA & fitness

Take your yoga practice from the mat into the air with Aerial Yoga programs for all ages - Adult, Kids & Family, Conditioning to Restorative. Time to welcome this Winter with a long savasana as you are cocooned in our silk hammocks!


Imagine a soft fabric hammock that supports and allows you to move through a series of restorative poses that will rejuvenate and deeply relax your nervous system.


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