Aerial YOGA & fitness


Please wear a cap sleeved shirt or T-shirt, leggings or Capri’s, and socks. Please avoid wearing clothing with sharp edges or zipper. Please remove all jewelry before taking this class as a safety precaution. 
You may also like to bring a towel and a jug of cool water. We highly recommend water prior to, during and after class to stay properly hydrated to reduce the chances of dizziness, nausea and headaches.

cancellation Policy

ENROLLMENT POLICY: Enrollment is limited and is confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Enrollment is considered confirmed once payment has been received. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: No refunds will be given for classes, courses, events, workshops, or other purchases without a written 7 day in advance notice prior to program start date. If cancellation is due to medical illness, accompanied by a doctor’s note, the class/course/workshop may be taken at a future date. If a class/course/workshop is cancelled by Zero-G Yoga, a full refund will be offered or a make-up date will be scheduled by Zero-G Yoga. Private or corporate sessions require 72 hours of notice for cancellations. If not cancelled within 72 hours there will be a charge a 50% cancellation fee according to the length of your sessions.

All Programs are Non-Refundable for 'no shows'. All Programs are Non-Transferable.

MAKE UP POLICY: If you miss class(s) within a given program module, note that make-up classes
are not offered and cannot be deferred into future yoga modules.

RISK WAIVER & CONSENT: I recognize that risk of injury or potential health risk may be involved in participating in any of the these yoga programs. In submitting your request for registration in any program/activity, I hereby voluntarily assume such risks associated with the participation.

I also, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, WAIVE AND FOREVER DISCHARGE Zero-G Yoga, and all associates with any of the programs/activities offered by Zero-G Yoga, and all owners/employees OF AND FROM ALL claims, damages, demands, actions, causes of action or demands of any kind, whatsoever and however caused, arising to or to arise by reason of my participation in the program or any of its associated activities.

By submitting my yoga registration form, I declare that I have read, understood, and agreed to the Risk Waiver & Consent. I also declare that I have read, understood, and agreed to the Zero-G Yoga policies.

benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga offers many of the same benefits and enjoyments of regular yoga, but it also has some additional benefits as well:

Greater Flexibility. Since you have more freedom of movement, you can move your body into new positions. In some cases, this can result in a deeper and more fulfilling stretch than traditional yoga offers. 

Better Focus. By putting yourself in a more challenging situation than usual, aerial yoga forces you to be more alert and aware of your surroundings. You will likely also try to concentrate harder because you’re not used to being suspended in the air during your yoga practice.

Strengthened Muscles. Because gravity is working harder on your body than usual, your muscles work harder too. Aerial yoga is also a great core workout because you have to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself during your yoga session

Stress-Relief. Much like traditional yoga, aerial yoga is great for stress relief. Not only do you use poses and stretches common to other forms of yoga to relieve stress, but you also experience the joy of knowing that you did something new and exciting, which makes you feel good. 

Is Aerial Yoga Safe?
Aerial yoga is a safe form of exercise in that all aerial yoga classes should be taught by a certified aerial yoga instructor (you can specifically ask your yoga facility about your instructor’s qualifications before taking an aerial class). Your instructor will be able to tell you how to perform aerial poses properly, so that you don’t injure yourself.  Furthermore, you are only suspended three or so feet from the ground during aerial classes (although you can adjust the height of your hammock to suit your needs or make the class more challenging). Therefore, the risk of injuring yourself from falling is quite minimal.

With any form of physical activity, inherent risks can be involved. While no activity intends
to be dangerous, there are always a few precautions that need to be addressed. Most people can engage in aerial yoga with few to no problems. However, if any of the following apply to you; you should consider a different form of exercise or, at the very least consult with your doctor and yoga instructor before trying an aerial class.

Heart Conditions | Pregnancy
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Previous Neck Injuries | High or Low Blood Pressure | Glaucoma | Epilepsy | Eye Conditions